Download My Resume

I’ve made my current resume available for download HERE. If you would also like a list of references, send me an email and I’ll be glad to provide them for you.


A Few Recent Projects I’m Proud Of

I have the privilege of working on a lot of great projects. Most of my everyday work is filled with smaller tasks that help strengthen Youth Specialties’ digital content, the SEO of our websites, and that are a part of our marketing and communication needs. But every so often, I take on a project that requires a bit more of my time and attention. This page is dedicated to my most recent favorite projects that I’ve been able to direct. Most of them are connected to my full-time job, but you might also see a few others that come out of my contract work.

eBook: Discussion Guide for National Geographic’s The Story of God

story of god

This was a passion project that Youth Specialties allowed me to take on and chose to support through it’s digital distribution. I created a basic group discussion guide that follows the National Greographic’s series The Story of God, starring Morgan Freeman. The entire discussion guide is available for FREE download from Youth Specialties.

Digital Strategy: Blog Persona Strategy Integration

blog strategy

In early 2016, I took on a dynamic reimagining of our blog content. The blog content we had been creating was good, but it wasn’t addressing the full range of our customers’ felt needs. In response to this discover, I started a significant 3-step process:

  1. Through 3-months of research, I was able to pinpoint 127 felt-needs within our customer base. I analyzed the felt-needs and was able to organize them into 5 different categories.
  2. I built up a list of 300+ blog authors to help us address all 127 felt-needs from different angles and perspectives over the course of the next 12 months. By expanding the list of blog authors, we dramatically increased the volume of content—from 3 posts per week to 13+ per week—which allows us to tackle more niche topics. The increased volume of content is also a huge help with our SEO/SEM.
  3. As I began managing content timelines for our blog authors, I worked alongside our digital team to create a better user experience that helps our customers find the content that matches their felt-needs. It also allows our content to play a larger roll in the sales funnel.

Read a recent blog post where I discuss how this blog strategy will help generate sales HERE.

Seminar: “How To” Tuesday: Best Social Media Practices

how to

I was invited by the McLean County Chamber of Commerce to present a 101 level seminar on “Best Social Media Practices.” You can watch the full seminar HERE.

After the seminar was over, McLean County Chamber of Commerce representative Cynthia Smith passed along these kind words in a testimonial:

“Jacob provides an excellent overview of social media platforms as well as best practices for how to use them with your business or organization. Knowledgeable, organized, and approachable. A tremendous resource.” – McLean Co Chamber of Commerce

Video Production: YS Team Training Introduction Videos


To help promote the YS Team Training event by Youth Specialties, I filmed, edited, and fully produced short interviews with attendees and speakers. The goal was to share a glimpse of what the experience is like, to help potential attendees know what they can expect, and to introduce some of the speakers to registrants. You can view one of the interviews HERE.

Project Management : PlanetWisdom Promotional Video


I project managed and guided the digital distribution of a short series of promotional videos for the Youth Specialties’ event called PlanetWisdom. The goal was to highlight important details about the theme for potential customers, to provide a helpful resource that current registrants could share on social media, and to introduce some of the speakers for the vent. You can view one of the videos HERE.

Live Event & Web-series: YS Idea Lab at NYWC


One of my main roles at the National Youth Worker’s Convention for Youth Specialties is to produce, manage, and host a second stage called the YS Idea Lab. This creative space is built for 15-minute interviews with our speakers, providing practical tips, tricks, and insight for our attendees that can be applied as soon as they get home. Beyond the live event, I also was the project manager and digital distribution strategist for the interviews that were filmed and shared online after the event. You can view the full series of YS Idea Labs as a part of the YS Blog HERE.

Interview: Social Media Tips for Parents


While I host most of the YS Idea Labs at our National Youth Workers Convention, I switched roles to share some social media tips for parents in this interview. You can watch the interview and find additional information that I shared HERE.

Web-series: 10-second Tips


As a part of the National Youth Workers Convention, I created captured a series of interviews that included short, Instagram-length tips from everyday youth workers. I did the filming, the editing, production, and digital distribution strategy for the interviews. The web-series has been slowly released in weekly installments and will soon be developed into an eBook. You can view the entire series HERE.

Social Media: Instagram and Facebook Trivia Games


Youth Specialties’ customers travel from all across the U.S. and beyond to be a part of the National Youth Workers Convention every year. As a way of connecting with them during their travel, I created 2 different trivia games that could be played entirely on our Facebook and Instagram feeds. The games featured questions about the event location as well as videos of actual attendees asking the questions. Although the response wasn’t quite what I had hoped, I was really happy with the quality of the experience. You can play the games using the links below:

  • Facebook NYWC Trivia Game HERE.
  • Instagram NYWC Trivia Game HERE.

Social Media Live-Event Coverage: National Youth Workers Convention


I was the team lead for our social media coverage of our annual National Youth Workers Convention. I provided artistic and strategic direction for the entire event coverage. You can see some of the best images on the Youth Specialties Facebook page, starting HERE.

Video Production: WHISK Introduction Video 


A local business owner contacted me and asked if I could take on a short video project to help introduce his company and provide him with a wider range of content on his social media. His budget didn’t allow for me to hire anyone to help with the project, so I took on all aspects of it, including filming, editing, and full production of the video. You can view the WHISK introduction video HERE (be sure to enable HD viewing for the best quality).