Algorithms: How Facebook Runs The World

Who runs the world?

Beyonce said it was girls, but it’s actually Facebook’s algorithms.

Formally known as Edgerank, the wizards behind Facebook’s algorithms have morphed them into a massive system that is constantly weighing over 100K factors. Some people will claim to know the fine details of the algorithm. I think their pants are on fire (because they’re liars).

The algorithm that runs the world’s largest social media platform is constantly changing, and while it may be impossible to follow all the updates, there are 3 things you can always count on:

Posts that people engage with will get priority in the news feed.

Facebook’s #1 asset is the news feed. They understand that billions of people sign into their Facebook account on a daily basis because of it’s news feed. So to protect it, algorithms are weeding out content that people aren’t engaging with.

What does this mean for your business?

Your content has to be worth engaging in or it will disappear from the news feed very quickly.

Facebook’s native content will be given priority in the news feed.

In Facebook’s mind, the best users are the ones who never leave Facebook. So when given the option to show a video that can play in the news feed, or a link to a video that will take a user to another site, Facebook’s algorithm will prioritize the video that doesn’t take the user away from their platform.

What does this mean for your business?

Upload your videos directly to Facebook instead of embedding them on another site. Also, switch from Periscope to Facebook Live.

Use your business page’s insights.

Your business page’s insights will show you what content works and what doesn’t on your own page as well as in your industry. By allowing you to see what is working, you can repeat your successes or mimic your competitor’s to reach more customers. It also takes a ton of the guessing out of advertising, because you can see which content pieces people actually want to engage with before you ever spend money on them.

What does this mean for your business?

Cozy up with your insights. Check them regularly and adapt your content and marketing calendars according to the information.

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