Essential Maintenance for Facebook Business Pages

A Facebook business page can’t help you if it doesn’t have the most recent information.

You may not have the bandwidth to be a rockstar on your Facebook business page, but at the very least, every small business should be maintaining these 3 things:

Keep your address, phone number, website, and hours up-to-date.

Think of your Facebook business page as an exit sign on a highway. It can help convince people to take a detour in order to connect with your business. In this scenario, can you imagine a bigger roadblock to the growth of your business than people exiting the highway only to find that your business has moved? Not only do you lose out on a connection point with a customer in that moment, but you most likely rule out any future possibility of that individual becoming a customer in the future. Make sure your Facebook business page has the most up-to-date address, phone number, website, and store hours listed, or it might end up doing much more harm than good for your business.

Use current and seasonal images of your staff, store, and services.  

Did your staff turnover since the group picture you’re using as a cover photo?

Have you done some remodels to your store front?

Are you still publicizing the sale from last season?

These may not seem like a big deal to you, but they are all potential issues for a possible customer who is about to experience your business for the first time. Make a strong first impression by showcasing the staff they’ll actually meet, showing them what the new front door looks like, and promoting the sale for the season we’re in.  

Step up a call-to-action button for your Facebook business page.


The call-to-action button helps you meet your goals. Use it to help people schedule an appointment, call your sales reps, see the latest coupons, and anything else that is the most important response for your business right now. It’s easy to set-up and your insights will help you know when people click it.

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