What Works on Facebook: Susan and Archie’s Video

Social media is the perfect place to not take yourself too seriously.


My friend Susan and her co-host Archie did an incredible job with this Facebook post. It’s brilliant, simple, and I’m sure was a ton of fun to create. Here’s why this post works so well:

You get unique access to their office and coworkers.

Susan and Archie bring you behind the scenes, and into a special prank on their coworkers. Even though Susan and Archie are incredible personalities that they’ve built a strong following around, it’s still a unique chance to experience a side of them that you don’t normally get to see (or hear).

The content was extraordinary, not perfect.

Extraordinary content is focused more on key differentiators than on perfection. This video is extraordinary because it’s surprising, a ton of fun to watch, and it brings a smile to the viewer. It doesn’t need to be more polished, or filmed and edited by a professional film crew.

This is a great lesson for anyone who feels paralyzed by a need to only post perfect content. It’s impossible to create perfect content regularly. But if you know what makes your business stand out, you can post extraordinary content every day.

The tools that Susan and Archie had on hand weren’t perfect, but they were a great fit for this extraordinary piece of content.

It’s the perfect length of video.

I’m not sure how many tricks they played on their co-workers, but I love that they kept the video under 2-minutes. In my experience, that seems to be the max of most people’s attention spans on social media (see a connection with my 2-minute posts?).

The call-to-action is short and sweet.

I’m glad that they kept the focus of your attention on the fun in the video by keeping the text accompanying the video fairly short. The call-to-action cuts right to the point with: “Wake up with them every weekday morning from 5:30-9am.” The only thing that would have made this better is if they would have not included the #TheSusanShow twice in the text. That’s a simple oversight, but certainly had little or no effect on us enjoying the content.

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