Experimenting with the Frequency of Your Tweets


“How often should I tweet?”

Some say 3-5 tweets per day. Others found great success with 40 tweets per day. In truth, you really don’t know what works for your small business until you experiment with different frequencies. It’s an educated and ongoing trial and error process.

Here are some guidelines for how you can experiment with the frequency of tweets for your small business:

Find your balance of creating and curating content.

Figure out how much time you have to dedicate to Twitter. That capacity will help you determine a realistic goal for trying a range of frequencies, from 3-40 times per day, and it will help you balance your time between creating original content and curating sharable content.

Build a storage of tweetable content.

If you’re going to experiment with frequency, you need to have a swipe folder full of ready-to-use content. Here are a few resources you can be pulling content from:

  • Start following competitors in your industry to get ideas from them.
  • Refer to the blogs of other industry leaders to see what people are engaging with on their sites.
  • Find others who share the same customer audience and who might become strategic content partners.
  • Create Twitter lists of your key customers and watch for inspiration from them.
  • Review your Google Analytics to find what pages of your website have the most page views and create tweetable quotes from those pages.
  • Repurpose successful content from your other social media platforms in a unique way for your Twitter followers.

Start on the high-end and work backwards.

After you figure out how much time you have available, turn that time into the maximum number of tweets each day. Keep that up for an entire month. After the first month, record your progress (see the next point), and then scale the frequency back to half the amount. Experiment with that new frequency for another month and compare your results.

Assess your progress.

Check your Twitter analytics each week and your Google analytics once a month. Each time you change your frequency, assess your progress or decline in:

  • Website traffic
  • New responses on your site (i.e. – leads generated, referrals, email sign-ups, etc.)
  • New Twitter followers
  • Link clinks in your tweets
  • Retweets
  • Twitter Profile visits

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