3 Ways Small Businesses Can Use Twitter’s Advanced Search

Twitter is one of those rare worlds where it’s not inherently creepy for a brand or an organization to engage with someone.

In fact, that is kind of the magic of Twitter. It’s the ability to see behind the curtain, to connect with the humanity behind the machine.

I liken it to a giant cocktail party.  

The best way for your business to successfully engage with customers on Twitter is to act like you would at a cocktail party; you would be kind, courteous, you’d ask questions, and you’d engage thoughtfully. You wouldn’t walk up to a table and immediately sell yourself or your products.

But with so many twitter conversations happening at once—over 7,000 tweets per second—how can a small business cut through all the noise to find the conversations that matter?

Twitter’s advanced search.


This is what allows you to tell Twitter which conversations you want to be aware of, and it brings them all to you in real time.

Here are the most important things any small business can do with the advanced search:

Find customers expressing their frustrations.  

Use a combination of the word search options with the negative or question sentiment to find potential customers who are tweeting about a frustration that your product or service can alleviate for them. If you provide promotional products, search for someone complaining about their t-shirt provider, or someone asking questions about custom decorated mugs.

Search by location.

Maximize your time and focus on tweets and accounts in your core customer locations. This will help you avoid pursuing conversations with folks who wouldn’t buy from you simply because of they are located outside the geographical boundaries of your business (if you have any).

Monitor your brand and partner relationships.

Under the “People” section, use the “mentioning these accounts” to see who is talking about your brand or your key partner relationships. This is a great way to see how the marketplace is responding to you and to those your business is aligned with.

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