Legend: A Typography App

Legend is one of the most recent apps that I’ve fallen in love with. By bringing motion to your text, it creates a short 6-second video that’s perfect for Instagram or a gif version that you can drop into any HTML (i.e. – marketing emails, blog posts, etc.).

Most importantly… It’s a tool that makes you look good. 

I always fall for the apps that create something in a few minutes when it would have taken you hours with photoshop. That’s exactly what Legend does for me and why it’s become a go-to tool when I’m creating content.

Here’s a rundown of how I use it…

Start with less than 100 characters. 

Right now, I mostly use the app to showcase quotes from blog posts. So I start out with a quote in mind that fits the 100 character limit. The limit doesn’t include text breaks but if you can avoid it, try not to max out the character limit Not all of the app’s typography options look great with the full 100 characters, so shorter quotes will give you more options to work with.

Prep your image.

I tend to pull in my own images to use as backgrounds. I grab them from Unsplash or the Creative Commons realm of Flickr. But if you’re not that prepared, there is an option to take a picture in the moment with your phone’s camera or to do a quick search of Flickr through the app. It takes you only to the images free of copyright and it’s a little more limited than if you searched on your computer, but you’ll find some good options there.

An important thing to note is that your images all have to be squared. It’s perfect for Instagram but I do wish there could be a few different image size options to choose from. Let’s hope that comes in an update down the road.

Choose your typography.

After you drop in the background image, you’ll be prompted to view 18 different typography options. There are some that are certainly geared toward younger demographics but most will translate for any audience. You’ll also notice that some key words trigger different colors. If your text includes the word LOVE, it will typically show up in RED. If it’s MONEY, you’ll see it in GREEN. Knowing those trigger colors, you can plan your text accordingly to make use of that dynamic.

Pick some color options.

On the next screen, you’ll scroll through 18 different color combinations for the typography that you chose. It gives you varying combinations of text colors and hue changes for the images. These adjustments help you create fresh looking content even if you reuse the same typography options.

Share it.

Once your creation is complete, the app gives you a ton of sharing options. I typically save it to my phone to share on Instagram at a later time and I share it through my iCloud to access it on my computer. You can also post it directly to Facebook, leave it in your Dropbox, or share it in a text to your mom (she’ll be proud of you).

4 thoughts on “Legend: A Typography App

      1. awesome! This is what I was looking for… thanks Jacob.

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