Does Anyone Really Know How Often I Should Post?

Frequency. It’s what I’m asked about most often and what I’m constantly evaluating.

There are a lot of opinions about how often you should post to different social media channels. Depending on who you follow, you’ll get a different set of numbers based off a seemingly different set of metrics, which makes it really difficult to compare. So the question always seems to be…

Does anyone really know how often I should post? 

To cut to the chase… I think the nature of social media makes the answer to that question a little different for everyone across all of their platforms. Some organizations see more success with less content, while others track much better with a higher number of posts. All that you can do is try stuff to figure it out on your own. I know that’s not a sexy answer, but it’s true.

So where do you start?

The infographic below is a huge help for building some initial expectations and goals for your social media platforms. But the information isn’t a perfect match for everyone, including me. Here are 3 things that I do differently…

Twitter – 25 Tweets Per Day

I create enough content for my organization that we maintain a healthy average of 25 tweets per day. The average Twitter user checks out their stream for about 5 minutes a day, in 1-2 different sessions. That is a small window of opportunity to connect with people and if you’re only tweeting 3 times a day, you’re most likely going to miss a huge percentage of your audience. Jason Keath wrote a great article about this information HERE. If you need to start at 3 times a day, then do that. But I would challenge you to up the ante every so often and track what sort of impact it has on your level of interaction.

Facebook – 5 Posts Per Day

It might just be the range of content that my organization shares, but 35 posts a week gives us enough room to talk about our full spectrum of resources, to share helpful thoughts and ideas from our world, and still have room to include a little bit of humor, which is an important aspect of our culture. By committing to an average of 5 quality posts a day, we’ve seen our weekly Facebook reach increase by 800% from last year. So we’re not slowing down.

Instagram – 3 Posts Per Week

This is where we fall on the opposite side of the numbers. Most of our interactions come from Twitter and Facebook, which has more to do with our target demographic than anything else right now. So we’re just not putting as much time into creating content for Instagram yet. Even though we don’t post as often, we’re still creating quality content and hitting our weekly goals.

So now it’s your turn.

How does your frequency of posts compare to the infographic below? 

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