How Your Website Should Be Working

Odds are your website isn’t being used the way it should be.

Maybe you’ve got it looking the way you want but what about the wealth of data you could be collecting and using to strengthen your content? How have you tapped into that information to understand how people find your website, what they are looking for, and what content they are connecting with?

I know that our websites are collecting a ton of data about visitors that I’m just not utilizing as well as I could. As I was looking for helpful info specifically on google analytics, I found this podcast with Dave Shrein and AJ Fenlason and wanted to pass it along. Check it out here.

church website episode_podcast

In the podcast, Dave and AJ share tons of helpful thoughts on how to best use google analytics for your website. My favorite part, because I’m such a visual learner, was the bonus video where AJ shares his analytics dashboard while describing how he uses it.

Right around 7 minutes, AJ showed how to track visitors from social media and I immediately set that up in my google analytics. So be sure to check out that video here after listening through the podcast.

Screen Shot 2015-04-19 at 5.13.44 PM

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