6 Unbelievable Social Media Facts That Are Actually True

Social media is a world full of shiny objects.

It’s an endless supply of distractions that can easily steal your time and focus. That’s why I think it’s so important for an organization to be aware of facts like the ones in the infographic below because it could be what brings your team back to your key goals. The 6 facts are explained a little more in this post, but these 3 things stood out to me:

1) 95% of all Facebook wall posts are NOT answered by brands.

Let’s step outside of social media for a minute. If 95% of the phone calls into your office went unanswered, you wouldn’t be in business. You might be thinking that it’s not the same, but I am sure it feels just as important to the customer or potential customer who is reaching out to your organization. Right now, the norm for organizations is to only answer 5% of those posts. What if your organization didn’t settle for the norm? What if you flipped it, with a goal of being the organization that becomes known for answering 95% of those posts? You’d stand out above the rest.

2) Pinterest is projected to account for 40% of social media driven purchases.

I recently met with the CEO of a non-profit who was trying to convince me that social media has no influence on a person’s decision to spend money. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. I was sure that kind of thinking had gone extinct. He hadn’t heard that up to 25% of purchasers follow brands on social media with the intention to make a purchase. Pinterest is a unique platform simply because 50% of purchasers using Pinterest created a board specifically for a purchasing decision. The Pinterest fact in this infographic isn’t a surprise to me, but the recent conversation I had with this CEO made me realize how important it is to keep showing organizations data like this.

3) Twitter handles 32 Billion search queries per month.

Here’s a fun experiment for you:

  • Create a list of anything your target audience might search for on Twitter.
  • Run those searches through Twitter’s search bar.
  • Take note of how often your content shows up.

Based off of what you find, how easy is it for someone to find your organization?

If you want to gain someone’s attention, you have to be where they are looking. Folks are searching Twitter 32 Billion times a month for things that could be related to your organization but you have to be creating the kind of content that would make them take notice.

Dig into the rest of the facts on the infographic here.


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