Content That Generates Sales

If you’re hitting a wall with your content, or if you’re looking to reevaluate the content you share across all of your digital properties (social media, websites, blogs, etc.), the best place to start is with these 3 questions:
1) Will this content attract people? 2) Will this content engage people? 3) Will this content convert people?

A Nature Of Generosity

We should be shaping our content so that generosity becomes a part of our online nature. If we can do it successfully, our followers will begin to know us as that organization that is always there for them, supporting them when they need it the most, and in turn, they won’t think twice about helping us when we finally do ask for something.

Sewing Flags

When we create content for our organizations, we need to think about it as if we’re sewing flags. Flags that are accessible to our followers (supporters or customers), that communicate the heart of why we exist, and that are worth waving as a sign of support.