Time Management for Social Media [Infographic]

The best community managers I know are 100% dedicated to their weekly schedules. If I catch them creating graphics for their Twitter content at 2pm on a Thursday, I can almost guarantee that I will always find them doing that very same thing at the same time on any given Thursday. A consistent weekly schedule is what keeps them balanced, successfully managing their digital communities while also finding the much needed time to create future content.

My brain works in the same way. I schedule out every day of the week, with specific slots of time designated for platform management, relationship building, content creation, reporting, etc. It’s how I’ve been able to keep my mind focused in social media’s world of shiny objects.

That’s why I found this infographic so interesting.

It lays out a framework for how you can schedule out specific tasks for your social media. Some of the details will be different depending on how much content you share and what works best within the overall weekly schedule of your organization. For instance, here’s a quick look at how I do a few things differently:

Respond within 1 hour of any mention or direct message.

Every morning, the first few minutes of my day are always spent following up with any new mentions or messages. After I’m caught up, I give myself 1 hour to respond to any mention or direct message during normal work hours. Of course if it’s serious or about a time-sensitive issue, I try to respond immediately. Having that sense of urgency helps our followers know that we’re listening and care about what they have to say.

I schedule the majority of my posts 1-2 weeks out.

YS has a ton of content. Our blog dates back almost 10 years and there’s an amazing amount of wisdom hidden in it’s crooks and crannies. We also have a sizable store, filled with resources to help youth workers do better ministry. On top of that, I’ve worked hard to stockpile other fun and inspirational content that will be relevant for our followers. So for our organization, I can reach into that existing content to schedule the majority of our posts 1-2 weeks out. That normally happens on Friday mornings in a comfy corner of a local coffee shop.

3 blog posts a week.

This is another aspect of our calendar that I’ve found to just work best for us. We have enough relationships with writers and mutually beneficial partnerships with other organizations that I can create 3 blog posts a week. I found that if we post more than that, it splits our attention a little too much and we’re not able to give each post the amount of attention they deserve on our platforms.


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