SEO Keyword Homework: 4 Tools You Can Use

I recently taught a seminar on “How to Maximize Google For Your Business” for the McLean County Chamber of Commerce. After receiving several requests for a review of the tools and tips I shared in the seminar, I decided to include them in a short series of blog posts. 

Keywords help search bots connect your content with search queries. 

Search Engine Optimization is all about making it as easy as possible for search engines to label your content as the most relevant, original, and trustworthy option for search queries. Your ongoing keyword homework is vital to helping you know what people are looking for so that you can create the content to match it.

A helpful tip: You should build a strategy around how you do keyword homework. Use mine as one example. 

Google provides 3 really great tools that help with your keyword homework:

Google Keyword Planner

seo tips_keyword planner

The keyword planner is a free tool available to anyone with a valid AdWords account. You can search for keywords within your industry and even compare keywords that are found on various websites based on their content. So if you’ve got a competitor who is outranking you, use this tool to see how they are doing it. Check out more information here.

Google Trends

seo tips_google trends

This is a free tool that helps you see how often a keyword is searched for. You can also view peak search timelines, which is great for any seasonal offerings that you have throughout the year. Google Trends is also one of those tools that I personally geek out about. I think it’s fascinating. Check it out here.

Google Search Suggestions

seo tips_google search suggetsions

When you start typing something into the Google Search bar, you’ll notice that it starts suggesting things to you. This is Google’s way of showing you how your search matches what others have been looking for. This is a great way to see what people are searching for right in the moment, and it’s a free and easy way to stay current on keywords as well.

A 3rd Party Resource:

seo tips_fresh key search tool

Fresh Key is a time-saving tool that shows you all the variations of the different keyword searches that your customers are using across Google, Bing, Amazon, Google Market (i.e. – Apps), Ebay, Etsy, and others. It will give you real-time and historical data on every variation of your keyword to show you which ones are oversaturated, which haven’t been tapped into it, and which ones represent a trending niche market with your customers. Check out more info here.

What’s missing?

Email me if you have other tools that could help fill in the gaps with my own keyword homework.

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