SEO Tips for Small Businesses – Infographic

I recently taught a seminar on “How to Maximize Google For Your Business” for the McLean County Chamber of Commerce. After receiving several requests for a review of the tools and tips I shared in the seminar, I decided to include them in a short series of blog posts. Here’s a recent one on SEO Keyword Homework: 4 Tools You Can Use.

Search Engine Optimization helps small businesses compete. 

Your small business has a chance to compete with and even win against the big corporations, but your SEO needs to be on-point to do it. The infographic below is a really helpful outline of the most important ways to help structure your website’s content so that it’s easy for search engine’s to rank it as relevant, original, and trustworthy answers to search queries.

A huge thanks goes to BackLink for saying it better than I could in the infographic below and you can find even more helpful tips in Brian Dean’s additional thoughts on this post.

seo tips_infographic

My Pick 3:

If you only have time to start with 3 of the tips above, here are the 3 that I would focus on.

Start Title Tag with Your Keyword

SEO is all about making it as easy as possible for search bots to find and categorize your content as being the most relevant, original, and trustworthy match for keyword searches. So Google naturally puts more emphasis on the first few words of your page title. Make it count by including your keyword as the first word of your title tag.

Drop Keywords in the First 100 Words

Create content that includes exact matches for your keyword in the first 100 words on your page. It helps search bots and users know that your page is the right result for their searches.

Mobile Responsive Design

It’s true that Google has started to penalize websites that aren’t mobile friendly. If you’re working on a site in WordPress, Go Daddy, or the like, chances are there’s an easy one-click option to turn on mobile friendly designs. But be sure to check it for yourself. Every page should be a single column view, so that the user only has to scroll up or down to view content. If a user has to scroll left or right, pinch or zoom to read your content, then it’s not mobile friendly.

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