A New Customer Service Standard for Facebook Business Pages

On average, 87 out of 100 posts on Facebook business pages go unanswered.

That’s startling.

Let’s imagine that 37 of those posts are spam, leaving 50 posts from actual customers or potential customers. That still equates to the same loss of customer connections as if you were to let half of your incoming phone calls go to voicemail, or if you ignored half of your emails.

What if you were to set a new standard by flipping the statistic?

Choosing to respond to no less than 87% of the posts on your Facebook business page not only helps develop an expectation of better online customer service, but it helps your business stand out from your average competitor.

Here are my recommendations for any small business:

Build Facebook responses into your daily schedule.

It’s not realistic for a small business owner to be responding to posts on their Facebook business page all day, every day. But you can certainly set aside 15-minutes at the beginning of your work day, right after your lunch, and at the end of the work day. If three times a day isn’t possible for you, figure out what you can do and schedule it like you would any other meeting.

Set your page’s status to “away” during off-hours.

This last year, Facebook business pages were gifted with an “away” status. Take advantage of it to make sure your customers know when you won’t be checking or replying to your messages. When your status is set to “away,” your page’s response rate won’t be affected either.

Go “like” crazy.

Some posts, comments, and shares, don’t necessary require a written response. Those can take quite a bit of time anyway. Instead, go through and “like” everything that you possibly can. This signals to your customers that you’re paying attention and recognizing them when they interact with your content. It’s also a great way to get to know who your most responsive customers are.

Delete spam posts.

Don’t let spam posts take any visual real estate on your Facebook business page. You’re the one doing the hard work, setting the new standard for Facebook business pages, earning you a spam-free digital space for your business and your customers.

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