Conquer Facebook Live Videos

Facebook Live is all about accessibility.


Like so many other elements of social media, the biggest draw to Facebook Live is the access it grants to the everyday fan and follower. It’s a chance to see a side of an organization or celebrity that you don’t normally see. But it’s also a great opportunity to get to know local businesses and learn from their expertise.

These 4 things will help you conquer Facebook Live videos:

Make it practical and personable.

Focus your Facebook Live content around the needs that you’re meeting in your customer and what they can do with your product or service to make their lives easier. While you’re doing that, introduce staff members, share about your company history, and let your dog run into the shot. Your humanity goes a long way on social, and this is a great chance to highlight it.

Shoot for 10-15 minutes in length.

10-15 minutes gives enough time for your video to populate newsfeeds while also allowing you the room to answer people’s questions and engage with the audience. Speaking of that…

Engage with the viewers.

When people start commenting, mention them by name. Let them ask questions and answer as many as you can. Again, it’s a perfect opportunity to create that accessibility and personal connection.

Keep the lighting consistent.

You don’t have to stay in one place, but it’s best to keep yourself in areas where light is always on your face. If you plan to show your work space, do an offline practice run to find the spots with good lighting and use those spots as your main locations for the video.

Minimize background noise.

If you have a little budget, buy a low-cost lavalier mic. If you don’t have any budget, be sure to stay close enough to the camera that you can be heard clearly and if needed, ask anyone not in the video to step out of the space you’re recording in.

Follow-up with comments after the Facebook Live feed ends.

Once you’re finished, take a few deep breathes to celebrate your leap into Facebook Live videos, and then write a reply to each comment you received. This will help solidify the experience and deepen the connections you’ve made.

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