What Doesn’t Work on Facebook: Simple Laziness

Simplicity can reflect extremely creative efforts. It can also reflect laziness.

This simple Facebook post is unfortunately one example of a business being lazy with their social media.


I love our Normal CornBelters. Their games are a great family outing and we’ve enjoyed many of them. Which is why it breaks my heart to see them taking this approach to their social media.

Let’s break down where this Facebook post went wrong.

It’s just a simple statement.

Simplicity can be done well. Really well. It can reflect a great deal of care and attention. This post is the opposite of that. There is very little care, attention, or even general thought put into it.

Where is the excitement?

I’m really excited that the CornBelters stepped into this century and started taking credit cards at the concession stand. But it seems like they aren’t excited about it at all. Were they forced to do it? Who put the gun to their head to register for Square, and then post this very sad statement on their Facebook page?

The unanswered comment.

It’s interesting to me that the social media manager has ignored this comment from a customer who felt threatened at the ballpark. As an event space, any safety concern should be top priority and followed up with accordingly. Even though this comment is a little out of place (who would comment on such a boring post anyway?), there should be some sort of follow-up. It could be that the follow-up happened privately. If that is the case, there should be a comment on the post indicating an attempt to address the concern more privately.

Here’s how they could have done this better:

  • Take a picture of fans celebrating that they can pay with their credit cards.
  • Poke a little fun at how they are finally catching up with the times, like: “We might be slow to the credit card game, but we’re still leading the way in ballpark franks!”
  • Use the credit card announcement to promote a special.

If they are still too lazy to do any of that, they could have just gone without posting. After all, accepting credit cards isn’t much of a feat in 2016.

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