Twitter Basics in 2-Minutes

Twitter has come a long way from Jack Dorsey’s iconic first tweet 10 years ago.


Today, there are 500 million tweets sent each day.

Pew research showed that 42% of online youth aged 15-17 and 32% of internet users aged 18-29 are the most responsible for those millions of daily tweets. So how can small businesses make the most out of this active Twitter audience? Here’s the 2-minute overview.

Here’s the content that works well:

  • A combo of text and images.
  • Videos.
  • Quotes with a link to a corresponding article.
  • 80% of users check Twitter on a mobile device, so your content (including any links people might click) should be mobile friendly.  

Important details for your content:

  • Currently, your content is limited to 140 characters of text. You can add images or videos on top of that, which helps promote a greater use of visual content. There have been some rumors that the character limit might be raised in the next year, but nothing has been done about it yet.
  • Optimize your images by sizeing your header image to 1500×500, profile to 400×400, and any images you tweet at 1024×512.
  • The life of your tweet is somewhere around 24 minutes. Post multiple times a day and recycle tweets to reach a larger audience.  
  • Tag other users in your tweets to expand the life of your content.

The endless opportunities to engage with customers:

One of my favorite aspects of Twitter is the ability for a brand to engage with an audience in a way that doesn’t feel creepy or weird. It’s actually a part of the platforms DNA, so your small business has a bit more freedom to seek out conversations with customers and potential customers.

Take advantage of Twitter’s advanced search feature to find customers and potential customers.


You can search by keywords mentioned in tweets and in profile descriptions. Use the location feature to find those that are in your area. You can even search by sentiment, looking for positive or negative responses, and even questions. These search features create a unique opportunity for a small business to find people who are looking for the specific type of help your product or services was created to offer.

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