PicLab HD

It’s amazing what you can do with just an iPhone. Technology has brought us to the point that even if you don’t have any experience with design, apps can provide you with the tools needed to appear like an expert. There are a lot of photo-editing apps out there, but my favorite is PicLab HD. It’s loaded with great fonts, graphic images to add to your images and it has a great selection of filters and tools to fine-tune the final product.

Here’s how I use PicLab HD on a daily basis…

  • I grab an image from Unsplash or Flickr (using their Creative Commons options).
  • I size it to the proportions that match the final location where I’ll use the image on a website, email, or in Instagram.
  • I drop it into my iCloud so that it’s available on my phone.
  • I pick a font for the main verbiage that is clear and that fits the overall feel. If there are two lines of text, I sometimes adjust the screen percentage to make one line a little more prominent than the other.
  • I might add a graphic to the image to help bring a little more design to the overall look.
  • Then I move into the filter or fine-tuning stage. The filters can add a cool final touch to the image.
  • Once I’ve got it the way I want it, I save it to my phone and then push it back to my iCloud. That way the final image is accessible on my computer.

That’s it!

For just $1.99, you can get everything you need to create quality images for your website, emails, or social media. The great thing about PicLab HD is that the final image is fairly large, around 800px wide. So it should work for most simple graphics.

But whether you use PicLab HD or some other photo-editing option, the important thing is the amount of money you’ll save not having to hire a designer every time you need a simple graphic. Let the innovations of technology save you money for the times when you need to hire a designer to do the big stuff.

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