Blueprints For The Only 3 Image Sizes You’ll Need

When it comes to images, it can be hard to remember what sizes work best across all your social media channels. Especially if you try to create all of your images at once and save them for scheduling in the future. That’s why I typically share these 3 blueprints created by Dustin Stout anytime I chat with someone about their social media needs.

Dustin breaks it down into Landscape (1280×720), Portrait (735×1102), and Square (900×900).

sm image sizes

The blog post Dustin wrote to coincide with these 3 blueprints is really helpful for understanding exactly why they work and how to utilize them properly. Be sure to visit his post here to download each of the blueprints individually.

If you’re wondering how to create quality images once you have the blueprints, check out my previous posts about the tools I use for finding photos here and editing them here.

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