5 More Things You Can Do Midweek

Your church can always be doing more with your social media. But I get it… if it’s not something that comes naturally or if your plate is too full, you might not know where to start. A few weeks ago, I shared 5 things you can do midweek that are simple and really just repurposing the content you already have. Here are 5 more basic ideas of what you can do to stay connected with your congregation outside of Sunday mornings:

  1. Record 2-minute faith journeys

The church is the people. So let your social media be an outlet for your congregation to share their stories. Limit them to 2-minutes so that you can optimize views on Facebook. That does mean that someone might not be able to share their entire faith journey. That’s OK. Ask them to share a recent part of their journey, what they love about your church, or what is currently making a difference in their spiritual life. Celebrate those on your social media.

  1. cross_300wideShare crafts or projects from Sunday on Pinterest

A recent survey recorded that 80% of Pinterest users are women and the most successful pins are craft, decoration, or inspiration focused. Go back to your children’s ministry and youth ministry teams to have them pin recent crafts or projects that they’ve completed. It will give them an opportunity to share the scripture relating to the activity and help families that may have missed that Sunday do the craft in their own home.

  1. Post your worship set-list with the backstory behind each song

Empower your worship teams (for all your ministries) to share their set-lists with links to view related videos or to listen to the songs online. It can be an opportunity to introduce new music to your congregation before they sing them in service. Or your worship teams can share more about why they chose that song and how it speaks to them.

  1. Translate your benediction prayer, songs, or any other part of the liturgy into mid-week prayers

Think about creating a series of mid-week prayers for your congregation. They are a great way to offer bits of encouragement throughout the week while also keeping your congregation thinking about the recent or upcoming message. Check out Unsplash and PicLab for creating some great imagery to go with it.

  1. Highlight 1 small group a week, asking them to share what they’re talking about and how it’s impacting their lives.

This is another great way to celebrate all the different things your church is doing. Pick one small group to attend and ask for just 5 minutes to interview the group. If you have a decent camera, keep it to about a 2 minute video so that you can maximize views online. If all you have is an iPhone, then opt for Instagram style videos that are 15 seconds. You can do one with the whole group or do a series of them. Don’t underestimate short videos or feel like they have to be perfect. Stories are sometimes better communicated through authenticity than perfection. So if you can capture some of the authentic parts of your church, even 15 second videos can be a great way to showcase the people that make up your congregation.

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