Be Human

The relationships and experiences we have with people will always leave a bigger impact than the messages we share on Sunday mornings. When we use social media correctly, churches can strengthen those relationships and extend those experiences. The only way that happens is if we choose to bring more of our humanity into the content we post. It’s not an easy task, but it’s possible and it can be one of the most powerful relationship tools that your church has.

5 Things You Can Do Midweek

We spend so much of our time in preparation for Sunday morning services that we create a form of tunnel vision, not thinking about how we can repurpose that content to carry the inspiration and encouragement throughout the week. The beauty of it is… you’ve done all the hard stuff. All the content you need, can be found in the sermons, worship set-lists, lesson outlines, games, and discussion questions you have already created. You just have to dice up that content and translate it to your social media. If you pull your resources from all the ministries your church has (meaning youth ministry, children ministry, all adult ministries, etc.), then you’ll have more than enough and you’ll be celebrating more of the incredible things your church is doing.

Here are 5 examples of what I’m talking about…